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Graduation Requirements - general information

We send a reminder annually to all students delineating the requirements for graduation. They are also summarized on the VP&S website

Successful completion of the MD degree requires the following:

* Passing all courses in the Fundamentals Curriculum 

* Passing all clinical clerkships in the Major Clinical Year 

* Passing all electives in the Differentiation & Integration curriculum 
For MD students who began with the Class of 2017 or earlier: 8 electives including a
subI and Ready for Residency; medicine and pediatrics have no restrictions in total number of electives; for all other specialties, no more than 2 electives are allowed in the specialty, and a 3rd in the specialty is permitted if the student also completes a medicine, SICU or Neuro ICU subI by graduation

For MD students who began with the Class of 2018 or later: 8 electives including a subI in medicine, pediatrics or general surgery (at CUMC or an affiliate) and Ready for Residency

For Columbia-Bassett students, the above requirements apply, however students complete 7 rather than 8 electives because they complete Primary Care in January of 3rd year

For MDPHD students, 1 subI is required

For PHD to MD students, 1 subI and 1 additional elective are required

For OMFS students, 8 electives, including 1 subI in medicine or general surgery and 1 additional elective after MCY, and 3 months of anesthesiology

* Completion of a Scholarly Project according to the policies outlined by the faculty committee. Scholarly Project is 4 months. Scholarly Project Plus allows students to substitute one additional Scholarly Project month for a month of elective, up to 10 months total of Scholarly Project 

* Passing of the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK exams 

* Taking the USMLE Step 2CS exam 

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