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Knowledge Base

  1. Lottery 

    1. Lottery: How do I add/drop an course selection during the lottery?
    2. Lottery: How do Waitlist/Permission Only courses work?
    3. Lottery: There is a course missing from the available selections.
    4. Lottery: How do I increase my chances of obtaining my choices in the lottery?
    5. Lottery: I didn't get any of the courses I ranked. What do I do?
  2. MD/MS 

    1. Are there funds to assist with the cost of poster printing and conference attendance?
    2. How much funding will I recieve?
  3. Student Affairs 

    1. Elective Planning - Class of 2020
    2. Residency Program Forms/Paperwork
    3. Residency Application Update - Class of 2019
    4. Letters of Recommendation - Class of 2019
    5. Letters of Recommendation Details - Class of 2019
  4. Fundamentals 

    1. Exam Information: How will I take exams during Fundamentals?
    2. Exam Information: I can't see my exam!
    3. Exam Information: Where can I take my exam?
    4. Exam Information: What time can I start my exam?
    5. Exam Information: How do I download the exam file?
  5. MCY 

    1. Primary Care Clerkship Site Descriptions
    2. Hospital Systems Access
    3. Exam Accommodations in MCY
    4. Hospital Access
    5. Selective Descriptions
  6. Electives 

    1. Away Electives: I need a background check.
    2. Away Electives: How do I upload my transcript and/or Letters of Rec to VSAS?
    3. Away Electives: I need a Letter of Good Standing for an away elective.
    4. Away Electives: The site I want has a different schedule than Columbia. How do I schedule my electives there AND here?
    5. Away Electives: I need my verification screen updated.
  7. Scholarly Projects 

    1. What is the timeline for planning my Scholarly Project?
    2. When should I start my scholarly project?
    3. What must I complete before I start my Scholarly Project?
    4. I want to change my Scholarly Project track and/or mentor.
    5. How do I register for a scholarly project months on OASIS?
  8. OASIS 

    1. Exam Information: How to I review my exam grades?
    2. MCY Lottery: I want to make a 1:1 grid swap
    3. MCY Lottery: How do I rank my course grids (groups)?
    4. I want to view my Student Performance Evaluations.
    5. I want to view/complete my Requirement Checklist in OASIS.
  9. Visiting Students 

    1. Visiting Students: Do I have access to CROWN?
    2. Visiting Students: How do I apply for electives at CUMC/P&S?
    3. Visiting Students: Do you allow 2 or 3 week electives?
    4. Visiting Students: How are applications considered or processed?
    5. Visiting Students: I don't want to accept the offer I was given. Can I receive a different offer from my selections?
  10. All articles 

    1. What is the timeline for planning my Scholarly Project?
    2. Primary Care Clerkship Site Descriptions
    3. Away Electives: I need a background check.
    4. Lottery: How do I add/drop an course selection during the lottery?
    5. I want to print/view my grades or unofficial transcript
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