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  1. Are there funds to assist with the cost of poster printing and conference attendance?

  2. Away Electives: How do I upload my transcript and/or Letters of Rec to VSAS?

  3. Away Electives: I need a background check.

  4. Away Electives: I need a copy of Columbia's Memorandum of Insurance (liability or malpractice).

  5. Away Electives: I need a Letter of Good Standing for an away elective.

  6. Away Electives: I need my verification screen updated.

  7. Away Electives: I need to verification/an update of my Respirator Mask Fitting certificate.

  8. Away Electives: I want to send a P&S evaluation to an away elective.

  9. Away Electives: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Away elective.

  10. Away Electives: The site I want has a different schedule than Columbia. How do I schedule my electives there AND here?

  11. Bassett FAQs

  12. Bronx VA Longitudinal Clerkship

  13. Elective Planning - Class of 2020

  14. EMR Access - CWID Activation/reactivation/maintenance

  15. Evaluations: My away elective grade is different between OASIS and SSOL.

  16. Exam Accommodations in MCY

  17. Exam Information: How can I review my exam?

  18. Exam Information: How do I download the exam file?

  19. Exam Information: How to I review my exam grades?

  20. Exam Information: I can't see my exam!

  21. Exam Information: What can I use during the exam?

  22. Exam Information: What time can I start my exam?

  23. Exam Information: Where can I take my exam?

  24. Examsoft Update: Examplify Software

  25. FCM II & FCM III: How do I get to my Tutorials site?

  26. FCM II: How do I get placed in a Narrative Medicine seminar?

  27. Hospital Access

  28. Hospital Systems Access

  29. Housing and Transportation for Clerkships at Stamford Hospital

  30. How can I use the Harvey Simulator?

  31. How do I receive reimbursements for my Scholarly Project?

  32. How do I register for a course at another school at Columbia?

  33. How do I register for a scholarly project months on OASIS?

  34. How do I sync my OASIS Calendar?

  35. How much funding will I recieve?

  36. I am having difficulty accessing CROWN/Eclipsys

  37. I need the P&S Memorandum of Insurance

  38. I Need to Grant Access to Someone to See My Records

  39. I need to miss a required class, who do I inform?

  40. I need to renew my BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification

  41. I want to add or drop a Scholarly Project month within 2 weeks of the start date

  42. I want to apply for a Friedman Award.

  43. I want to change my Scholarly Project track and/or mentor.

  44. I want to change my selective

  45. I want to extend my Scholarly Project longer than four months.

  46. I want to know about Stamford housing.

  47. I want to print/view my grades or unofficial transcript

  48. I want to request reimbursement for MCY Expenses

  49. I want to update my Academic History in OASIS.

  50. I want to update my Account Information in OASIS

  51. I want to view my Student Performance Evaluations.

  52. I want to view/complete my Requirement Checklist in OASIS.

  53. I would like to add April as a Scholarly Project month.

  54. I would like to get in contact with a statistician for my Scholarly Project.

  55. I'm a new student. How do I complete the NYP Training?

  56. Letter of Good Standing (General)

  57. Letters of Recommendation - Class of 2019

  58. Letters of Recommendation Details - Class of 2019

  59. Lockers for Perioperative Services

  60. Long-Term Disability Insurance Information

  61. Lottery Strategy: Subinternship Registration

  62. Lottery Strategy: Waitlist Course Registration

  63. Lottery: How do I add/drop an course selection during the lottery?

  64. Lottery: How do I increase my chances of obtaining my choices in the lottery?

  65. Lottery: How do Waitlist/Permission Only courses work?

  66. Lottery: I didn't get any of the courses I ranked. What do I do?

  67. Lottery: There is a course missing from the available selections.

  68. MCY Lottery: How do I rank my course grids (groups)?

  69. MCY Lottery: I want to make a 1:1 clerkship location swap

  70. MCY Lottery: I want to make a 1:1 grid swap

  71. MCY Site Directory

  72. MCY: I want to set up a Self- Arranged selective

  73. NBME CAS Test Information

  74. NBME Web-test Shelf Exams

  75. NYP eLearning

  76. Occupational Exposures

  77. On Rotation: Where and when do I report to my elective?

  78. Primary Care Clerkship Site Descriptions

  79. R4R Attendance Policy

  80. Registration: How do I add/drop a D&I course from my schedule?

  81. Registration: I want to add a "Waitlist Only" course in OASIS.

  82. Registration: I want to add a traditional Away Elective.

  83. Registration: I want to add a Vacation month.

  84. Registration: I want to add/drop an elective within 4 weeks of the start date.

  85. Registration: I want to audit my electives schedule to make sure I'm on track for graduation.

  86. Registration: I want to change my Ready4Residency month.

  87. Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Preceptorship.

  88. Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Research Elective

  89. Registration: What type of electives can I take at CUMC?

  90. Request for a Jury Duty Deferral Letter

  91. Requesting a Locker

  92. Requesting Guest Access to the VEC

  93. Residency Application Update - Class of 2019

  94. Residency Program Forms/Paperwork

  95. Scrub Code Questions

  96. Selective Descriptions

  97. Transportation Reimbursement: Surgery @ Harlem

  98. Visiting Students: Are the electives I applied to available?

  99. Visiting Students: Can I check books out of the P&S and hospital libraries?

  100. Visiting Students: Can I request different dates?

  101. Visiting Students: Can I use P&S Student Health Services?

  102. Visiting Students: Do I have access to CROWN?

  103. Visiting Students: Do I receive a Columbia UNI/email address?

  104. Visiting Students: Do you allow 2 or 3 week electives?

  105. Visiting Students: Do you provide parking or parking discounts?

  106. Visiting Students: How are applications considered or processed?

  107. Visiting Students: How do I access patient files?

  108. Visiting Students: How do I apply for electives at CUMC/P&S?

  109. Visiting Students: I am an international student, and I need a verification letter for my visa application.

  110. Visiting Students: I am from an unaffiliated international school. Can I still apply?

  111. Visiting Students: I don't want to accept the offer I was given. Can I receive a different offer from my selections?

  112. Visiting Students: I need certification that I attended CUMC/P&S for a license/residency program.

  113. Visiting Students: I want to close my application.

  114. Visiting Students: I want to work with a specific faculty member at P&S. How do I set up a self-arranged opportunity?

  115. Visiting Students: I was charged twice for the application/attendance fee. How can I receive a refund?

  116. Visiting Students: Is housing available on-campus?

  117. Visiting Students: Is there an application fee?

  118. Visiting Students: What type of visa will cover my time in the United States?

  119. Visiting Students: What vaccinations do you require?

  120. Visiting Students: Where and when do I report to my rotation?

  121. Visiting Students: Where can I receive my scrub code?

  122. Visiting Students: Where do I obtain my CUMC ID?

  123. Visiting Students: Where do I receive my CUMC evaluation(s)?

  124. Walk-In Hours during MCY

  125. Webcis/Eclipsys: "Tap-and-go" Sign-On

  126. What equipment will I need for FCM Tutorials?

  127. What is my Fall 2019 exam schedule?

  128. What is my Spring 2020 exam schedule?

  129. What is the timeline for planning my Scholarly Project?

  130. What must I complete before I start my Scholarly Project?

  131. When should I start my scholarly project?

  132. Will I be reimbursed for transportation to offsite Narrative Medicine locations?

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