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  1. Account Password Recovery

  2. Are there funds to assist with the cost of poster printing and conference attendance?

  3. Away Electives: How do I upload my transcript and/or Letters of Rec to VSAS?

  4. Away Electives: I need a background check.

  5. Away Electives: I need a copy of Columbia's Memorandum of Insurance (liability or malpractice).

  6. Away Electives: I need a Letter of Good Standing for an away elective.

  7. Away Electives: I need my verification screen updated.

  8. Away Electives: I want to send a P&S evaluation to an away elective.

  9. Away Electives: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Away elective.

  10. Away Electives: The site I want has a different schedule than Columbia. How do I schedule my electives there AND here?

  11. Bassett FAQs

  12. Billing questions about campus housing (2021)

  13. COVID-19 Visiting Student Program Information

  14. EMR Access - CWID Activation/reactivation/maintenance

  15. Evaluations: My away elective grade is different between OASIS and SSOL.

  16. Exam Accommodations in MCY

  17. Exam Information: How can I review my exam?

  18. Exam Information: How do I download the exam file?

  19. Exam Information: How to I review my exam grades?

  20. Exam Information: How will I take exams during Fundamentals?

  21. Exam Information: I can't see my exam!

  22. Exam Information: What can I use during the exam?

  23. Exam Information: What time can I start my exam?

  24. Exam Information: Where can I take my exam?

  25. FCM II & FCM III: How do I get to my Tutorials site?

  26. FCM II: How do I get placed in a Narrative Medicine seminar?

  27. FCM S II Narrative Medicine: Will I be reimbursed for transportation to offsite locations?

  28. Graduation Requirements - general information

  29. Hospital Access

  30. Hospital Systems Access

  31. Housing and Transportation for Clerkships at Stamford Hospital

  32. How can I get fit tested?

  33. How do I receive reimbursements for my Scholarly Project?

  34. How do I register for a course at another school at Columbia?

  35. How do I register for scholarly project months on OASIS?

  36. How do I sync my OASIS Calendar?

  37. How much funding will I recieve?

  38. I am having difficulty accessing CROWN/Eclipsys

  39. I need the VP&S Memorandum of Insurance

  40. I need to complete Mask Fit Annual Review for N95 Respirator Users Training

  41. I Need to Grant Access to Someone to See My Records

  42. I need to miss a required class, who do I inform?

  43. I need to renew my BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification

  44. I want to add myself to the Service Learning Waitlist

  45. I want to add or drop a Scholarly Project month within 2 weeks of the start date

  46. I want to apply for a Friedman Award.

  47. I want to change my Scholarly Project track and/or mentor.

  48. I want to extend my Scholarly Project longer than four months.

  49. I want to know about Stamford housing.

  50. I want to print/view my grades or unofficial transcript

  51. I want to request reimbursement for MCY Expenses

  52. I want to update my Academic History in OASIS.

  53. I want to update my Account Information in OASIS

  54. I want to view my Student Performance Evaluations.

  55. I want to view/complete my Requirement Checklist in OASIS.

  56. I would like to add April as a Scholarly Project month.

  57. I would like to get in contact with a statistician for my Scholarly Project.

  58. I'm a new student. How do I complete the NYP Training?

  59. IHS Reimbursement

  60. Introduction to the VP&S Office of Student Affairs- Lisa Mellman, MD Fall 2021

  61. Legal name change process

  62. Letter of Good Standing (General)

  63. Lockers

  64. Lockers for Perioperative Services

  65. Long-Term Disability Insurance Information

  66. Lottery Strategy: Subinternship Registration

  67. Lottery Strategy: Waitlist Course Registration

  68. Lottery: How do I add/drop an course selection during the lottery?

  69. Lottery: How do I increase my chances of obtaining my choices in the lottery?

  70. Lottery: How do Waitlist/Permission Only courses work?

  71. Lottery: I didn't get any of the courses I ranked. What do I do?

  72. Lottery: There is a course missing from the available selections.

  73. MCY Lottery: How do I rank my course grids (groups)?

  74. MCY Lottery: I want to make a 1:1 clerkship location swap

  75. MCY Lottery: I want to make a 1:1 grid swap

  76. MCY Site Directory

  77. My Epic access needs to be reactivated

  78. NBME Web-test Shelf Exams

  79. NYP eLearning

  80. Occupational Exposures

  81. On Rotation: Where and when do I report to my elective?

  82. Primary Care Clerkship Site Descriptions

  83. R4R Attendance Policy

  84. Registration: How do I add/drop a D&I course from my schedule?

  85. Registration: I want to add a "Waitlist Only" course in OASIS.

  86. Registration: I want to add a traditional Away Elective.

  87. Registration: I want to add a Vacation month.

  88. Registration: I want to add/drop an elective within 4 weeks of the start date.

  89. Registration: I want to audit my electives schedule to make sure I'm on track for graduation.

  90. Registration: I want to change my Ready4Residency month.

  91. Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Preceptorship.

  92. Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Research Elective

  93. Registration: I want to set up an elective that consists of two two-week rotations.

  94. Registration: What type of electives can I take at CUMC?

  95. Remote Shelf Exam Guide

  96. Request for a Jury Duty Deferral Letter

  97. Requesting a Locker

  98. Requesting Guest Access to the VEC

  99. Residency Credentials and paperwork

  100. Residency Program Forms/Paperwork

  101. Scrub Code Questions

  102. Transportation Reimbursement: Surgery @ Harlem

  103. Transportation: I need the Lyft car account information

  104. USMLE Registration Step 1

  105. USMLE Registration Step 2

  106. Visiting Students: Are the electives I applied to available?

  107. Visiting Students: Can I check books out of the P&S and hospital libraries?

  108. Visiting Students: Can I request different dates?

  109. Visiting Students: Can I use P&S Student Health Services?

  110. Visiting Students: Do I have access to CROWN?

  111. Visiting Students: Do I receive a Columbia UNI/email address?

  112. Visiting Students: Do you allow 2 or 3 week electives?

  113. Visiting Students: Do you provide parking or parking discounts?

  114. Visiting Students: How are applications considered or processed?

  115. Visiting Students: How do I access patient files?

  116. Visiting Students: How do I apply for electives at CUMC/P&S?

  117. Visiting Students: I am an international student, and I need a verification letter for my visa application.

  118. Visiting Students: I am from an unaffiliated international school. Can I still apply?

  119. Visiting Students: I don't want to accept the offer I was given. Can I receive a different offer from my selections?

  120. Visiting Students: I need certification that I attended CUMC/P&S for a license/residency program.

  121. Visiting Students: I want to close my application.

  122. Visiting Students: I want to work with a specific faculty member at P&S. How do I set up a self-arranged opportunity?

  123. Visiting Students: I was charged twice for the application/attendance fee. How can I receive a refund?

  124. Visiting Students: Is housing available on-campus?

  125. Visiting Students: Is there an application fee?

  126. Visiting Students: What type of visa will cover my time in the United States?

  127. Visiting Students: What vaccinations do you require?

  128. Visiting Students: Where and when do I report to my rotation?

  129. Visiting Students: Where can I receive my scrub code?

  130. Visiting Students: Where do I obtain my CUMC ID?

  131. Visiting Students: Where do I receive my CUMC evaluation(s)?

  132. Walk-In Hours during MCY

  133. Webcis/Eclipsys: "Tap-and-go" Sign-On

  134. What are all the university/NYP transportations options available to students?

  135. What is my Spring 2022 exam schedule?

  136. What is the timeline for planning my Scholarly Project?

  137. What must I complete before I start my Scholarly Project?

  138. When should I start my scholarly project?

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