Requesting Guest Access to the VEC


Requesting guest Access to the Vagelos Education Center (VEC) is closed at this time.  Guests are not permitted unless they have permission for a speaking event or special approved visit.

Our Vice Dean, Monica Lypson, makes these approvals.  For these special requests, please email her EA, Oriana Jackson, 


VP&S students wishing to bring a guest into the VEC (friend, family, etc.) need to submit a request to the Office of Students Affairs at least 2 business days in advance of the visit.  All requests received will be presented to Public Safety for approval.

To make a request, please submit a UserVoice Ticket. Provide the day, time and names of your guest(s) in your request.  Please note that we can only authorize guests to the VEC.

Please follow the current P&S Club process for requesting attendee access if you are hosting an event.

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