I'm a new student. How do I complete the NYP Training?

Please go to http://nyplearningcenter.org/exchange and follow the instructions under “New Users” section to create an account. Once established, please select:
  • Under Courses tab on the left-hand side: “Hospital Initiatives" (Including Annual Hospital Training and Fire Safety) > “AHT 2016 for Non-Hospital Employees” (the most recent version is posted regardless of its corresponding year)
  • Click “Enroll me” button
  • Complete all 9 topics
Once you complete the training, you should receive a Certificate of Achievement:  

We will need you to upload this certificate to your Academic History in OASIS by following these instructions:

1. Log in to OASIS: https://oasis.cumc.columbia.edu.

2. At the top of your home page under Announcements, you will see “View your Academic History.” Click on the hyperlink to go to your Academic History page.

3.   Click the link at the top right of the page that says “Edit On.”

4.   Scroll down the page until you see the NYP: Annual Hospital Safety Training section. Click the “Add Files” button under Fundamentals, select your certificate of completion (screenshots are fine), and click “Upload.” 

5.   Once your certificate is uploaded, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save.”

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