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EMR Access - CWID Activation/reactivation/maintenance

All active students who have completed the required trainings and have been cleared for clinical coursework are issued a CWID (Center Wide ID) so that they may access to the NYP EMR systems (AllScripts SCM west, Webcis/Eclipsys, CROWN) for use during their clinical rotations. 

There are several policies in place that relate to account inactivity that may result in a disruption to your account access:
  1. Accounts are disabled after 21 days if the account was never used at all. So, if an account is created on Mar 1, and the student does not login by Mar 22, the account will be disabled.  
  2. Accounts are disabled if there is a period of 31 days with no activity. 
  3. Once an account is disabled because of non-use, the user has 31 days to contact the Service Desk (212-305-help) to request that the account be re-enabled
  4. After the 31-day window, please submit a uservoice request and be sure to include to CWID for reactivation. 
Please be mindful of these policies and take preventative actions (log-in to retain access during long leaves etc) to avoid disruptions in your access.  

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