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Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Research Elective

Research Month Elective - Application and Registration Guidelines

The Four-Week Add/Drop policy applies to Research Electives. All Research Electives are Pass/Fail.  Number of Research Electives approved per student are limited based on curriculum requirements.

The aim of this application is to provide the Associate Dean for Student Research and the
Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs with a succinct description of your self-arranged research month elective. Your application will be judged according to the scholarly merit of the proposal.

To apply for a self-arranged research elective follow these guidelines:

Registration Guidelines

To add your self-arranged research elective to your schedule:

1.    Add yourself to the OASIS waiting list. Search for the code INTC-RSCH950 by going to Add Course > Select Department > Search.

2.    Combine the Research Proposal and a completed  "Petition to Add" form into one document and upload to OASIS

  • Click “Research Info” > Provide faculty name and email > upload combined document “add file” + “upload” > Click Save

3.    Submit via a ticket at "OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S EducationTo notify student research that you’ve submitted a request to be reviewed

4. The Research Proposal and "Petition to Add" form will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Student Research and the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

5.  The Office of Medical Education will inform you if the Research Proposal is approved or whether more information is required in order to be approved.

6.    Once approved, you will be added from the wait-list.  It is your responsibility to upload your research summary in OASIS (following the same instructions above) by the final day of your research month in order to ensure a grade.

Application Guidelines

1.    Compose a two-page Research Proposal (see Research Elective Proposal Rubric ) that includes:

  • Proposal Title
  • Name of Faculty Research Mentor
  • Scientific Background and Rationale, including Significance of the Research   Question to  be addressed
  • Research Hypothesis or Purpose
  • Specific Aims or Goals
  • Research Methods, including a statistical analysis plan
  • Role of the Student
  • Project Timeline that describes what you plan to accomplish during the month
  • References

2.    You must obtain Faculty Research Mentor approval – Indicated on Research Proposal

 **If you and your faculty mentor determine that an additional research elective month is critical to complete your research project:

  • You must update your original proposal following the Application Procedures above.
  • Your updated proposal must describe what you accomplished in the prior research month and include a detailed plan for what you intend to do in the additional month.

Research Summary Guidelines

1.    A three-page Research Summary (see Research Elective Summary Rubric) must be uploaded to OASIS by the last day of your research elective month.

2.    The summary must include all the elements from the two-page Research Proposal, which should be edited for any changes that may have occurred during the month.

3.    In addition, it must include the following:

  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion

4.     Your Faculty Research Mentor must have reviewed and approved of your summary prior to submission. After submission, your mentor will be notified to complete an evaluation.

5.    After your Research Faculty Mentor has completed your Research Elective Evaluation in OASIS, the Associate Dean for Student Research must sign-off on your research summary to award you credit.

6.    If your research elective resulted in an abstract submission, poster presentation or oral/podium presentation, please provide the presentation title, authors, name and date of the meeting.

7.    If your research elective resulted in a published manuscript, please provide the citation.

If you have any further questions which are not addressed in this article, you may contact


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