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Remote Shelf Exam Guide

In order to allow proctors and students to effectively communicate and coordinate during examination administrations, NBME is temporarily relaxing our security protocols to allow the use of cell phones by students during the examination. The use of cell phones by students during the examination is only permissible for communicating with the proctor for proctor assistance (such as if the examinee encounters technical difficulties), or for the proctor to communicate directly with the examinee.

Under the Honor Code, this exam is approved to be taken closed-book and off-site.  Your exam area must be cleared of all papers, notes, notebooks, textbooks, and calculators.  You may use blank scrap paper during the exam.  


Download the Zoom App on your Cellphone



· Using the link or the Meeting ID provided by your proctor,  join the meeting through the zoom cellphone app.

· On the video preview pop-up, click on Join with Video.

· Always show video preview dialog when joining a video meeting.

· If the host/proctor has not yet started the meeting, you will see the following message, do not close the window. Wait until the host starts the meeting.


Once you are connected to the zoom meeting on your phonE, 

· Type to download the secure browser.

· NBME Security and Privacy Notice will display.

· Read and check box to indicate agreement.

· Select continue.

· Run the secure browser by selecting link Secure Browser for Windows PC/Mac.

· Select Run.

· If the secure browser detects a recording device, notify proctor through the Zoom chat and wait for assistance.

· When the secure browser launches all other applications will be hidden.

· Select On Test Day/Start Exam.

· Proctor will provide your start up code via conference chat.

· Enter Start up code (start-up code is good for 15 minutes).

· Select New Examinee.

· Read Instructions for NBME Web-Based Examination and check box to indicate agreement.

· Select continue.

· Submit biographical information. (for workstation requirement, you can choose any number)

· Select continue.

· Verify information and select continue once more.

· Select Launch Exam.

If you need to take a break, or need assistance contact proctor via the zoom chat.

End Exam and Exit Zoom

· Once you have completed the examination, select (X) End to end exam at the bottom left of screen.

· Message proctor that exam is complete and tear scratch paper in view of proctor.

· To exit Zoom select Leave Meeting.

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