Introduction to the VP&S Office of Student Affairs- Lisa Mellman, MD Fall 2021

Student Affairs encompasses several key domains within the medical school. I have outlined the most common issues and/or activities that you will encounter as a student that the Student Affairs team will provide support for:


Academic Advisement, Support, and Enrollment

  • Registration Permissions
  • Letters of Good Standing
  • Academic counseling and support services, including remediation
  • Deferment Letters, i.e. Jury Summons
  • 1st Year Summer Experience Planning
  • Dual Degree Program Counseling
  • Letters of Recommendation, i.e. scholarship or fellowship applications
  • USMLE Exam Preparation Programming and Registration
  • Degree verification and Graduation clearance


Career Planning, Advisement, and Support

  • Specialty Information and Advising
  • Research Year, Dual Degree, and other Leave requests
  • Residency Application Process Support
  • Match Day activities
  • Exploration of non-clinical employment opportunities
  • Professional Identity Formation Support


Student Life, VP&S Clubs, and Activities

  • Liaison to all CUIMC services, i.e. housing, student health, disability services, financial aid, registrar
  • VP&S Club activities including student-run clinics


Personal Advisement and Support

  • Medical and Personal Leave of Absence requests
  • Family planning support
  • Personal Emergencies


Ceremonies and Key Class events


  • White Coat Ceremony
  • Steven Z. Miller Student Clinician Ceremony
  • Graduation


The Advisory Dean Program

  • Created in 2003 in response to student desire for greater support, the Advisory Dean Program provides student with an individual advisor throughout their enrollment.
  • There are six Advisory Deans (ADs) that come from multiple specialties and provide advising on academic, career and personal issues.
  • ADs liaison between student and administration, faculty, support services, and others to improve student campus life and enhance student academic experiences. They are also here as advocates for students to help ensure the successful transition from student to doctor.


The Learning Environment

  • Monitor and address learning environment issues in collaboration with the VP&S Departments and CUIMC Office of Professionalism

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