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Residency Credentials and paperwork

For all students joining a residency program after graduation, please be sure to read this email carefully.  Please also UPDATE your OASIS profile with your new residency mailing address.


All forms that are required to be mailed or faxed from the Office of Medical Education, should be emailed to Farida Viriji -

If the document requires completion/signature by a registrar, please email the request to

Students are responsible for requesting their own final transcripts from the Registrar’s office.

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the university cannot respond to a transcript request without a legal signature. We are unable to honor transcript requests by e-mail unless the Transcript Request Form has a live signature and has been scanned and emailed.


Requests for a copy of an MSPE/Dean’s Letter are fulfilled by the Office of Student Affairs. Copies are never provided to graduates directly and must be sent directly to the final recipient (i.e. residency/fellowship program director, hospital staff office, credentialing agency, licensing board, educational institution, etc.). Requests should be directed to Farida Virji,


Most forms cannot be signed or receive the University Seal until the date of commencement. 


Copies of diplomas are not maintained by the college or university. In order to have a copy of your diploma certified, you must provide a photocopy/picture of your diploma to the Office of Registration Services for certification by the Registrar.


All questions about residency applications can be directed to Farida Viriji,

Registrar questions 212-342-4790 or Justin Merced, or Roslyn Gonzalez,


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