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Registration: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Preceptorship.

If you plan to arrange or have already arranged a preceptorship, please follow the steps below to add it to your schedule:

  1. Obtain faculty permission via email to complete a preceptorship under their supervision.
  2. Add yourself to the OASIS waiting list. Search for your code by going to Add Course > Select Department > Search > Add for code ending in -036. For example, a self-arranged Dermatology preceptorship will be found in the DERM department as DRN036.
  3. Compose a one-page proposal detailing the Objectives, Learning format, Methods of feedback, and Grading criteria.
  4. Combine the proposal, the "Petition to Add" form, and the faculty permission into one document with the Petition form as the cover page and submit as a ticket via 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education.'

The proposal will be reviewed by the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The Office of Medical Education will inform you of approval. Once approved, you will be added from the wait-list in OASIS.

There are no summaries required for self-arranged preceptorships.

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