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Registration: I want to add a traditional Away Elective.

If you have been accepted by an LCME-accredited school for an away elective that is 4 weeks in length (3 weeks for University of California system), please follow these steps. 'Traditional' means that the course exists in the school's catalog (ex: all VSAS electives are considered 'traditional'), and you did not self-arrange a preceptorship or research elective with individual faculty member at their institution.

All away electives can be added by completing the following:

  1. Add yourself to the OASIS waiting list. Search for your code by going to Add Course > Away Department > Search > Add for code ending in -700. For example, a traditional Dermatology away elective will be DRN700.
  2. Complete the Away Elective Info. Go to to your schedule, and click the 'Away Elective Info' link under the 'Action' column. Fill in the form and attach the confirmation that you received from the away site. Also attach approval if you will exceed the maximum number of allowed away electives.
  3. Submit a UserVoice ticket alerting staff that you've added yourself to the waitlist for your away elective. Please make sure to specify month and full Columbia course code.
  4. Allow 5 business days for your rotation to be approved in OASIS by an OME staff member.

All away electives must be added by the 4 week deadline.

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