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I want to update my Academic History in OASIS.

Your 'Academic History' in OASIS is a place where you can enter text, upload pdf's, and update several items, for example: 

  • Annual HIPAA compliance training certificates
  • CPR certification card(s)
  • Annual Hospital Safety Training Certificate
  • Infection Control Certification, (OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen) 
  • Scrub Code/Pin
  • Scrub Size
  • Parental Status
  • Honors/Scholarships 
  • Post Graduate Information
  • Away elective evaluation

Most of the information is held in the 'Medical School' Tab.

To access and edit your Academic History, navigate to the 'Announcements' box on the left hand side of your OASIS home screen to 'View my Academic History'

Select the tab where you are adding/editing information and click on the "edit on" button:

Be sure to click save after adding files and uploading or entering text information! 

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