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Away Electives: I want to send a VP&S evaluation to an away elective.

 Students are responsible for collecting an evaluation from an away elective in order to receive credit.  We strongly prefer that evaluations are submitted electronically through OASIS.  PDFs of evaluation forms should not be shared as a means of collecting an evaluation unless absolutely needed.  

Away electives that you are registered for on OASIS will prompt you to "set up your away elective evaluator" via a faculty evaluation form at the midpoint of the elective month.  You will be reminded to add your clinical supervisor using their email and name.  


First search OASIS to check if they are already in the system.  If not found, add them using their institutional email and name.  


Complete the process by confirming and submitting the below form.  


3 days prior to the end of your elective month, your clinical supervisor (or their proxy) will receive a notification via email that will contain a link and instructions on how to submit your evaluations.  Reminders to complete outstanding evaluations start a few days before the end of the rotation, and then every Sunday evening until completed.

While we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the submission of your student performance evaluations to be completed electronically, some away institutions will not use the OASIS evaluation, and will complete their own form. This is fine, so long as a copy of their form is sent to P&S:
  • Email:

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