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How do I register for a course at another school at Columbia?

Registration forms for cross-registration can be found here: Registration Adjustment Form.

Steps for completing this form:
1. The completed form must be first signed by the course instructor
2. Next, open a Uservoice ticket and include in your message when the course occurs so we can make sure it does not conflict with VP&S curriculum. 
3. Once Student Affairs receives the form it will be reviewed and signed by Dean Alves-Bradford, then returned to the student. 
4. The student must then send the completed form to for processing.

Please note the following guidelines: 
1. Students who are registered at VP&S full-time may cross-register each semester, without charge, for one or two courses in several other schools at Columbia.  However, since VP&S students do not have a summer registration, they must pay tuition if they cross-register for a course during a University summer term. 
2. Students may also audit courses at the graduate or undergraduate schools at Columbia by seeking permission from the instructor. Please note that language courses cannot be audited. 
3. If a course is oversubscribed, students who have cross-registered have low priority and may be dropped. Seminars are not usually available to VP&S students. Registration for non-credit language courses is only final at the end of the change-of-program period.
4. Cross-registered courses may be taken for a grade, pass/fail, or registration credit (R). The grade or designation appears on the student’s transcript.

Note on FCM II:
As part of Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM II), in the Spring of the first year, students may take courses in the Columbia departments of English, comparative literature, languages, history, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, qualitative social sciences, art, writing, theatre, film, journalism, and religion instead of the required Narrative Medicine Seminar Series. Private music, dance, or art lessons, finance courses, and science courses are not acceptable. Mailman School of Public Health courses that have policy or sociology in the curriculum are acceptable, but biostatistics is not. Medical Spanish at New York Presbyterian Hospital or Michael Shane's VP&S course may not replace the FCM requirement. A passing grade (P or a letter grade) in a humanities course becomes Pass for the Narrative Medicine component of FCM II. Dr. Rita Charon oversees Narrative Medicine and can answer any additional questions.

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