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Housing and Transportation for Clerkships at Stamford Hospital

Who receives housing?
Housing will be arranged for all students doing a clerkship at Stamford Hospital.  An email will be sent from the Office of Curricular Affairs 6 weeks prior to your rotation to arrange roommates and provide particulars regarding accommodations at Stamford.

Students doing their Primary Care Clerkship have the option of a monthly Metro North pass in place of a housing arrangement.  All other students are expected to live in Stamford Hospital housing for the duration of their clerkship.  

6 weeks prior to your rotation, the Office of Curricular Affairs will send an email with the Stamford Shuttle schedule.  Students typically take the shuttle early on first day of their clerkship, with the exception of students doing their surgery clerkship who are expected to be on campus for the first day for an orientation.
You should bring all of your belongings, including luggage, on the first day.

Primary Care Clerkship students have the option of a Metro North ticket for the 5 weeks of their clerkship.  The Metro North pass will be provided instead of shuttle and housing.

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