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I need to miss a required class, who do I inform?

Absence and attendance policy during Fundamentals

Students are expected to adhere to the attendance policy:
Students are required to attend all small group sessions, unrecorded lectures and teaching sessions featuring patients (see below). Students are strongly encouraged to attend all other lectures.

Required Sessions in the Fundamentals Curriculum
  • All small group sessions, for example tutorials, psych med
  • Team-Based Learning and Just-in-Time Teaching Sessions
  • Foundations of Clinical Medicine "Patient as Professor" sessions
  • Scheduled sessions in the Simulation Center
  • Others TBD
Students may miss a required class due to acute illness, a personal crisis (e.g. death in the family), a first-author presentation at a scientific conference or a religious observance as described in the Columbia University Regulation on Religious Holidays. In all such cases, students must email the Course Director and copy Students should not schedule personal events that would result in absence from a required curricular event.

Absences for transplant runs, non P&S required courses, shadowing and such activities do not meet criteria for excused absences.

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