What is the timeline for planning my Scholarly Project?

The major steps of preparation for the Scholarly Project include track selection, mentor selection and development of the project proposal. In selecting a track, we encourage students to reflect on their individual experiences, interests and passions and seek consultation from potential mentors and SPP Faculty as early in their medical training as they wish.

Other preparatory work required prior to beginning the Scholarly Project depends on the topic. For example, students proposing original human subjects research must familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures of the Institutional Review Board.

We advise students to follow the timeline below:
  • MCY: choose your track of study (e.g., basic science, clinical research, global health, medical education, narrative & social medicine, population health).
  • Early D&I: identify prospective mentors 
  • 2-3 months before you intend to begin your project: choose your mentor and draft your proposal (see template on the CourseWorks scholarly project page under "Assignments").
  • 1-2 months before you intend to begin your project: register for your first scholarly project month on OASIS.
  • By the middle of your first scholarly project month: submit your final proposal with mentor approval on CourseWorks for your Track Director's review. 
Once your Track Director approves your proposal, you may sign up for additional scholarly project months on OASIS. If you'd like to extend your scholarly project beyond four months, you will need to meet with Dr. Bulman for approval.

All students in the SPP are invited to meet individually with Dr. Bulman during the Major Clinical Year to discuss their scholarly project goals and the tracks in which they are interested. To schedule a meeting, please open a ticket.

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