Visiting Students: I am from an unaffiliated international school. Can I still apply?

P&S offers elective study to international students that are approved by schools in which we have an affiliation. A list of our affiliations can be found here: Students who attend one of these schools and are interested in elective study at P&S should first contact their school for approval and instructions on how to apply. 

If you are an international student from a school that we do not have an affiliation with, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply through the Office of Medical Education under any circumstances. P&S is not seeking any new affiliation agreements at this time, and P&S does not offer observerships.

Students who attend LCME accredited schools in Canada are not considered international students, and are welcome to apply.

Visiting Students

  1. Visiting Students: Do I have access to CROWN?
  2. Visiting Students: How do I apply for electives at CUMC/P&S?
  3. Visiting Students: Do you allow 2 or 3 week electives?
  4. Visiting Students: How are applications considered or processed?
  5. Visiting Students: I don't want to accept the offer I was given. Can I receive a different offer from my selections?
  6. Visiting Students: Is housing available on-campus?
  7. Visiting Students: Do I receive a Columbia UNI/email address?
  8. Visiting Students: Is there an application fee?
  9. Visiting Students: Where do I obtain my CUMC ID?
  10. Visiting Students: How do I access patient files?
  11. Visiting Students: I want to close my application.
  12. Visiting Students: Where can I receive my scrub code?
  13. Visiting Students: Can I request different dates?
  14. Visiting Students: Where do I receive my CUMC evaluation(s)?
  15. Visiting Students: Are the electives I applied to available?
  16. Visiting Students: I was charged twice for the application/attendance fee. How can I receive a refund?
  17. Visiting Students: I am from an unaffiliated international school. Can I still apply?
  18. Visiting Students: I am an international student, and I need a verification letter for my visa application.
  19. Visiting Students: Can I use P&S Student Health Services?
  20. Visiting Students: What vaccinations do you require?
  21. Visiting Students: Where and when do I report to my rotation?
  22. Visiting Students: I want to work with a specific faculty member at P&S. How do I set up a self-arranged opportunity?
  23. Visiting Students: Do you provide parking or parking discounts?
  24. Visiting Students: Can I check books out of the P&S and hospital libraries?
  25. Visiting Students: I need certification that I attended CUMC/P&S for a license/residency program.
  26. Visiting Students: What type of visa will cover my time in the United States?

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