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Registration: I want to add/drop an elective within 4 weeks of the start date.

All schedule changes requested within 4 weeks of the elective start date will be considered an academic emergency, and will require approval from the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The accepted criteria for requests within 4 weeks are:

  • personal emergency of the student;
  • faculty not available to provide the course as described;
  • urgent academic issue; or
  • a change of career plans.

Four weeks prior to a rotation, course directors and coordinators start to assemble their rosters for the next month. As a courtesy to faculty, staff, and other students, P&S students must follow the steps below to request any emergency schedule changes.

To add or drop a course within 4 weeks,

  1. Contact the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs to obtain approval to make the schedule change.
  2. If approved, contact the course director to request permission to add or drop the course (whichever is applicable).
  3. If approved by both the Dean and Course Director, forward all approvals to and request the drop by submitting a ticket using the 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education' function on the right hand side. **Please include course codes with all requests. 

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