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Away Electives: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Away elective.

If you have self-arranged an elective with another school or a global site (one-on-one preceptorship or research) that is 4 weeks in length, please follow these steps. 'Self-arranged' means that the rotation is not offered in the school's catalog (ex: you did not apply through VSAS to set up the rotation), or the course takes place at a global site with which P&S is not affiliated.

  1. Forward to confirmation from the faculty and/or global site that they will be supervising you during the rotation, and
  2. Compose a two-page proposal detailing the Title, Name of Faculty, Hypothesis/Purpose, Objectives, Methods/Learning Format, Goals, and Role of the Student.
  3. Combine the proposal, the Petition to Add form, and the faculty permission into one document with the Petition form as the cover page and submit as a ticket via 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education.' For international rotations, please further describe the site and faculty.
All proposals for self-arranged away electives are reviewed by the Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

    All self-arranged away electives must be 4 weeks in length, and must be added by the 4 week deadline. Self-arranged electives through the University of California system can be 3 weeks in length, as with traditional electives through UC.

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