Away Electives: I want to set up a Self-Arranged Away elective.

If you have self-arranged an elective with another school or a global site (one-on-one preceptorship or research) that is 4 weeks in length, please follow these steps. 'Self-arranged' means that the rotation is not offered in the school's catalog (ex: you did not apply through VSAS to set up the rotation), or the course takes place at a global site with which P&S is not affiliated.

  1. Forward to confirmation from the faculty and/or global site that they will be supervising you during the rotation, and
  2. Compose a two-page proposal detailing the Title, Name of Faculty, Hypothesis/Purpose, Objectives, Methods/Learning Format, Goals, and Role of the Student, and submit the proposal and the Petition to Add form as a ticket via 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education.' For international rotations, please further describe the site and faculty.
All proposals for self-arranged away electives are reviewed by the Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

    All self-arranged away electives must be 4 weeks in length, and must be added by the 4 week deadline. Self-arranged electives through the University of California system can be 3 weeks in length, as with traditional electives through UC.

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