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Primary Care Clerkship Site Descriptions

P&S PRIMARY CARE CLERKSHIP:   Site Descriptions for MCY

 This clerkship will bring you to the frontlines of health care, and is jointly hosted by Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine primary care practices.

 What to consider before the lottery:

1.    Given the diverse missions and patient populations each of our facilities serves, it is important for students to know that no one site/experience will be the same as another. Learn about the sites by joining the pre-lottery primary care meeting.

2.    Location is one major consideration; some of our sites require driving while others are so far away that you will need to stay there for the entire rotation.  Current training locations span NYC, Westchester, Connecticut, Upstate NY, and the Southwestern United States. Do know that due to the unpredictable nature of site staffing, your site assignment may change.

3.    Also consider the  patient population  and the clinical experiences you want to develop.  Generally speaking, family medicine sites will have more opportunities for pediatrics and gynecology, while internal medicine sites see a more elderly population and tend to have more on-site subspecialty experiences.

4.    Please review details of transportation/reimbursement to the off-sites. For example, all IHS and Bassett sites require a valid driver’s license and daily driving. A few other sites will require residence and more extensive travel.

5.    Once the post-lottery assignments are made, we are open to student swapping (one on one).

6.    IHS spots are awarded by lottery. MCY Students are welcome to rank IHS sites if they:

§  Are strongly considering primary care or rural medicine career (per IHS guidelines).  N.B, IHS also offers 4th year electives for students interested in primary care or rural medicine.

§  Have reviewed and accept costs that may be incurred. Airfare can be expensive and is may only partially be reimbursed. ‘Young’ drivers tend to pay more for car rentals; transportation and food at the site is not reimbursed.

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