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Lottery: There is a course missing from the available selections.

If you cannot locate or add an elective in the OASIS lottery selections,
  1. The course may not be offered all months throughout the year; therefore, there will be some start dates missing. In OASIS, go to Course Catalog > Select Department > Select Course Name to review Months Offered. 
  2. The course may be wait-list/permission only. In OASIS, go to Course Catalog > Select Department > Select Course Name. If a course is wait listed, it will have "(Waitlist Only)" in the title, and it will be mentioned in the 'Waiting List' field in the course description. We do not allow students to add wait listed courses during the lottery, because there are additional steps that need to be taken before enrollment can be guaranteed by the faculty.
  3. If the course should be offered during the month you're looking for and/or the 'Waiting List' field says that there is no waiting list for the course, and you cannot see it in the lottery, please notify us immediately through 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education.' Please submit the full course code (department and number) and the month in question in your ticket. We will remedy the error as soon as possible.
To add a wait listed course outside of the lottery, please see "I want to add a "Waitlist Only" course in OASIS."

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