Hospital Systems Access

To: Columbia Medical Students

From: NYP Information Services Security Staff

You have been assigned a unique Center-Wide ID (CWID) that you can use to access various NewYork-Presbyterian Information Services computer applications. Your CWID and initial password will be communicated to you separately by P&S Student Affairs.

The applications to which you have been given access are:

 ·       Eclipsys XA

·       EzVac

·       GE PACS (Radiology)

·       Streamline (Paper documents)

·       VPN (remote access)

·       ITA (Eclipsys XA remote access)

·       iNYP

 Before using any application you must change your password by visiting  Your password must be at least eight characters long, it must include a number as one of the characters, and it must include both lower case and upper case letters.  Avoid using easily guessable passwords based on dictionary words and proper names. If you need assistance changing your password, please call NYP Service Desk at 746-4357 (746-HELP).

 All applications are available on workstations at nursing units. Additionally, links to Eclipsys, GE PACS, ITA, and iNYP can be found at (or Infonet -> Clinical).

The infonet website is accessible from computers inside the campus; and also accessible from outside the campus using VPN.  The VPN web page is Use your Columbia UNI and password (the same you use to read Columbia email) to authenticate against the VPN. ITA offers remote access to select applications, including Eclipsys. The web address for ITA is

 Please be advised that the systems to which you have access contain privileged data, and that unauthorized access to the systems must be prevented. Do not share your individual CWID with anyone else.  Please keep your password information confidential.  If you discover that someone other than yourself has gained knowledge of your password, please change your password immediately. Information security and privacy policies and sanctions are available at

 For assistance, contact: 212-305-4357 (305-HELP)

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