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Request for a Jury Duty Deferral Letter

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for issuing deferral letters for jury duty. All letters are typed and then signed by Dr. Alves-Bradford. All letters also include contact information for our office, should the court want to verify your information.

If you would like to request a deferral letter, please submit a ticket. In your ticket, include the address of the court and your juror index number or ID. You will be notified when your letter is ready to be picked up from the Office of Student Affairs (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM). Please allow 5-7 business days for your letter to be generated.

Please note several things:
  • You cannot be issued a postponement letter if the academic year is not in session (this applies primarily to the first year summer months in which students are not in session). If you are completing a CUMC/P&S affliate research project, you are eligible for a letter. If you are off campus participating in non-CUMC/P&S program, you may be required to report for jury duty. Please take the appropriate steps necessary to request deferral documentation from your program.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your postponement letter reaches the appropriate parties. Please follow the instructions for postponement provided on your summons (instructions vary by state and clerk/court).
  • Submitting a deferral letter does not guarantee that you will not be summoned in the future. Some courts may choose to summon you several times per year. In each instance, it is recommended you obtain a letter from our office.
  • You are ineligible for a deferral letter if your summons date falls after you have graduated and/or moved out of state. Please take the appropriate steps necessary to request deferral documentation from your employer and/or residency program.
Please do not hesitate to include any questions or concerns not addressed in this article in your ticket.

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