What must I complete before I start my Scholarly Project?

You may sign up for your first SP month on OASIS without first submitting a proposal. This is so that those who need protected time to develop their projects will have it. If you would like to submit your proposal ahead of time, you are certainly welcome to do so. The SP proposal template is available on CourseWorks, which is also where you will submit your completed proposal.

To sign up for SP months beyond the first month, you will need to (i) submit your proposal with mentor confirmation for your track director’s review, (ii) meet with your track director to discuss your project and (iii) obtain your track director's approval. If you'd like your second SP month to directly follow your first, please make sure your proposal is in
at least two weeks before your second month starts to allow time for review and approval. Just as a reminder, the track directors are:
  • Basic science: Dr. Utpal Pajvani
  • Clinical research: Dr. Henry Spotnitz
  • Global health and Population health: Dr. Neil Schluger
  • Medical education: Dr. Marina Catallozzi
  • Narrative and Social Medicine: Dr. Rita Charon

To register for SP months in Oasis, please look in the course catalog under the “Scholarly Project” Department.

You must submit your capstones and posters by the last day of your final scholarly project month.

If you would like to extend your scholarly project beyond four months, please open a ticket on
UserVoice to set up a meeting with Dr. Bulman.

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