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What must I complete before I start my Scholarly Project?

Prior to your First Month of Scholarly Project 

  • You must identify a mentor with whom you will work with for the duration of the SPP. This information should be added in OASIS under the "Scholarly Projects" link
  • You must add yourself to the waitlist on OASIS at least 28 days before the first day of the month in which you plan to begin your project (i.e., the D&I add/drop policy).
  • If needed, obtain IRB approval, IUCAC approval, and finish required training
  • Under no circumstances may you begin to collect data from human subjects until you have met both of the following requirements: (i) your project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board and   (ii) your Track Director has reviewed and approved your project proposal.
  • Please note: The Senior Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs will collect SPP information in August to be applied to your Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

The first month of the Scholarly Project is meant to give you protected time to work out and finalize a project with your mentor.
You must submit your project proposal via Courseworks by the midpoint of your first month. You may submit only after your mentor has reviewed and approved. (Proposal template can be found in Courseworks).

All students must have an approved scholarly project proposal in place to be permitted to register for additional months

If you'd like your second SP month to directly follow your first, please make sure your proposal is in at least two weeks before your second month starts to allow time for review and approval. Just as a reminder, the track directors are:
  • Basic and Translation Science: Dr. Utpal Pajvani (SPP Director)
  • Clinical Research: Dr. Henry Spotnitz and Dr. Marcella Walker
  • Global Health and Population health: Dr. Michael Yin
  • Medical Education: Dr. Marina Catallozzi
  • Narrative and Social Medicine: Dr. Rita Charon
To register for SP months in Oasis, please look in the course catalog under the “Scholarly Project” Department.

You must submit your capstones and posters by the last day of your final scholarly project month.

If you would like to extend your scholarly project beyond four months, please open a ticket on
UserVoice to set up a meeting with SPP Director, Dr. Pajvani.

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