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Lottery: How do I add/drop an course selection during the lottery?

During an OASIS lottery, please review the steps below to Add or Drop selections.

To Add a Selection
1. Go to OASIS (
2. Click the "Add Course" tab.

3. Search the catalog. You can filter by Department and other search criteria.

4. Click "Add" under the Actions column.

5. Select the appropriate start date, and click "Add Selected Courses."

*Please make sure you only rank selections for the current stage of the lottery. If the current stage is May and you rank March electives, the non-May electives will be removed and the lottery will choose from the remaining selections. 

6. Rank your choices in the Schedule tab.

**The OASIS Lottery will not place you in a course from your selections if you already have a course on your schedule for that month.
**The OASIS Lottery will not allow you to add the same course twice
**A reminder: OASIS will not allow you to add/drop a course within 28 days of the rotation. This is a rule set up to mirror the 4 Week Policy. Please go to our article about add/drops within 4 weeks for more information.

To Drop a Selection
1. Check the box next to the selection you want to drop. 
2. Click "Drop Selected."
3. Click "Update order."

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