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How much funding will I recieve?

To assist with expenses of conference attendance, we will cover 50% of total costs for transportation, lodging and registration up to a maximum of $500.  For example, if your total costs are $400, we will cover $200; if $1000, we will cover $500, if >$1000, we will cover $500. If your costs exceed $500, you may want to approach your mentor to see whether their department can also help with expenses. If you are attending more than one conference, we will cover one of them. However, you may check back at the end of June, to see if there is enough funding to cover the 2nd conference.

Please note that taxi and food expenses should not be included in your totals.  Booking your flight early may help with airfare cost. When possible sharing a room with another student attending the conference also helps. 

The link below will direct you to the form you will need to submit:

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