Residency Application Update - Class of 2018

Message sent to the Class of 2018 by Dean Mellman (6.15.17)

Dear Class of 2018,

We’d like to share some updates and reminders related to your residency applications.

1)  The 2017 Match Profile for students, a very useful dataset for self-assessing for residency specialties, has been posted on the P&S 
Career Advising CourseWorks site on CourseWorks. This resource is for the use of P&S students only. Click on Files & Resources, and this file is in the folder called Career options and match profiles. Thank you to the Class of 2017 for completing the Match Survey that is used to update this and other resources.

We have also posted an updated set of comments about surprising student experiences interviewing with particular residency programs in each specialty. This file is called Program Comments and will be saved under the Residency application information folder. Updated general application advice based on student advice comments provided on the 2017 Match Survey can be found in the document called StudentResidencyApplicationAdvice.

There are many other career advising and residency application resources available on this site, such as match data from the NRMP – please take a look.

2)  Thank you for completing the residency specialty survey letting us know the specialties that you are interested in applying in. A graph is attached of the specialties you and your classmates are interested in applying to (some students have indicated more than one specialty). We will send another survey in July asking you to review and update your specialties of interest if they have changed at all. 

3)  Most of the USMLE Step 1 scores have come in for students who started medical school with the Class of 2018 and completed the MCY in 2016. The average P&S score is 240. The most recently released national average is 228. Congratulations on all that you learned during your studying process and on your accomplishments on the test! Please remember to complete the Step 1 preparation survey if you haven’t done so—your advice and strategies will be shared with the Class of 2019 in a few months.

Additional information about studying for Step 2 CK is available on the P&S Learning Advising Wiki, including the updated NBME resources for the 2017 exams. Keep in mind that the passing score is 209; it’s a good idea to take a CCSSA assessment to ensure that you are near your target exam score before sitting for the exam. As a reminder the P&S deadline to take this exam is 11/30 before you graduate for MD students and 12/31 before you graduate for MD/PhD students.

4)  Attached to this email are documents that show the distribution of MCY grades from P&S and Bassett clerkships taken in 2016. These grade distributions will be shared as part of your residency program applications.

Best regards,

Dr. Lisa Mellman and Dr. Aubrie Swan Sein

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