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Lottery: How do Waitlist/Permission Only courses work?

Electives noted in the OASIS Course Catalog as "Waitlist Only" do not participate in the lottery. You will not be able to rank this type of course when making your selections. You must wait until the lottery stage closes and results are released to log into OASIS to add yourself to the waitlist.

Self arranged preceptorships, away electives, and Scholarly Project courses are usually waitlist courses.
  1. Once the lottery stage closes and results are released, head into OASIS and add yourself to the waitlist. (Please see "I want to add a "Waitlist Only" course in OASIS" for a detailed guide)
  2. Head to the course description of the waitlist course and review the Waiting List Instructions.
  3. Follow said instructions and obtain permission so you can be approved for the course.
Please do not reach out to anyone to obtain permission to enroll until you add yourself to the waitlist on OASIS!

**Please be aware that course instructors/coordinators are responsible for granting permission for waitlist courses. Each course has their own criteria for granting permission. Head to the course's description and review the listed Waitlist Instructions. You must be on the waitlist before reaching out to course coordinators, but all waitlist courses are not first come, first served.

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