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Registration: I want to set up an elective that consists of two two-week rotations.

This is an opportunity for students to take an elective that combines two 2-week rotations from specific departments. This experience will not count as a subinternship. Please log into OASIS and review the Course Catalog for SURG-SUN037. Please read the Course Description carefully to see the departments that have agreed to participate, how the course will function, and who you should reach out to in each department. 

If you are still interested in this opportunity after review, please follow the steps below to add it to your schedule:

**Please make sure you have finalized both rotations when you submit your paperwork for approval. You must have two rotations in order to be approved for this opportunity.**

  1. Obtain faculty permission from both departments via email to complete this elective under their supervision. When obtaining faculty permission, please make sure you confirm the weeks that you will be on rotation with their department. You may request the first 2 weeks or the second 2 weeks of a given month. You will not be allowed to have a rotation start in the middle of one month and end in the middle of another. This experience must start and end in the same month.
  2. Add yourself to the OASIS waiting list. Search for your code by going to Add Course > Select Department > Search > SURG-SUN037.
  3. Combine the 'Petition to Add' form and the faculty permission from each department into one document with the Petition form as the cover page and submit as a ticket via 'OPEN TICKET: Contact P&S Education.'

The proposal will be reviewed and the Office of Medical Education will inform you of approval. Once approved, you will be added from the wait-list in OASIS.

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