COVID-19 Visiting Student Program Information

We've compiled a brief guide outlining information about our Visiting Student Program and what is needed to participate in the time of COVID-19. Please make sure to read this article carefully. You can also review our other UserVoice articles for Visiting Students for more information. 

COVID-19 Changes:

1. Students will be required to pay an additional fee to Student Health Services. This fee is currently $65 and will be collected upon placement. 
2. Students are required to be vaccinated from COVID-19. The Part B application will ask you indicate the date of your last dose and you will be required to present a copy of your CDC vaccination card. The last dose must be received at least 2 weeks before the start of your rotation. All rotations run on the calendar month; they start at the first and run until the last day of the month. 

Application Process

1. You submit your Part A application via UserVoice and pay the application fee.* 
*Review this page to see if this fee is required of you. 
2. You receive notification from staff that your application was accepted/denied.
3. You wait to see if you receive a placement.
4. If you receive a placement and choose to accept, you pay the attendance fee.
5. You will receive a deadline when the Part B application is required to be submitted.
6. Once your Part B application is received and reviewed, the onboarding process for your elective will start.

Part B Application Changes:

It is in your best interest to start gathering your Part B documents as soon as you are able. You do not need to submit it until you receive instructions on how to do so. This will make your onboarding process more efficient should you receive a final placement. 

See below for what is required in the Part B application
1. Part A (Signed PDF): What you submitted to UserVoice originally
2. P&S Immunization Form: You will be required to be vaccinated from COVID-19 and provide a copy of your CDC card.
3. Copy of Transcript: If your school gives you a transcript in an official envelope, you can open the envelope and upload the transcript. 
4. Passport-size Photo: Photos must be less than 3MB
5. CV (PDF please)
6. OSHA/Infection Control Certificate: If you are approved to rotate at CUMC, and you do not have OSHA/Infection Control training, please visit:, click on New York, and then take the Updated ‘NYS Infection Control Mandated Training’ course. Register for the course as a "new student." The fee for the course is $25.00 USD, and can be paid using a credit card. **You're welcome to use the certificate from your school.
7. Flu Shot Verification (October through February rotations only)
8. COVID-19 Vaccination Verification: Must be a copy of your CDC vaccination card. The last dose must be received at least 2 weeks before the start of your rotation. **We do require booster shots. The last shot must be received at least 2 weeks before the start of your rotation. 
9. Elective Attendance Fee: $150*
**Review this page to see if this fee is required of you.
10. SHS COVID-19 Fee: $65 - Required of all students who will physically be on campus. 

Questions about Applicant Eligibility: Please review our website for more information. You must meet the eligibility requirements at the time of application. All required clerkships must be completed when you submit your Part A application.

Questions about the Electives Available to Rank: The Course Catalog shows all the courses that are normally open to visiting students. The rotations you are allowed to rank are the electives that have chosen to open their courses this year. Visiting students are not to contact faculty or course staff until directed to do so. If you have questions about available courses, please open a UserVoice ticket with your questions/concerns here.

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