FCM III: Am I allowed to attend AA meetings that are not listed in the Google Doc?

Students are expected to attend an AA meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous) sometime during the fall semester, and must write a one-page response on that experience. You will be provided a link to sign up for AA meetings, but you are also able to attend any meeting outside of those listed, but only as individuals or pairs. No more than two students are allowed at an AA meeting at a time.

The Google doc is intended to ensure that a maximum of two students attend each AA meeting. Students may elect to attend meetings other than those listed on the Google doc by calling the Inter-Group Association of A.A. of New York : (212) 647-1680 or looking on their website: www.nyintergroup.org. The AA meetings that are listed are all located in Manhattan, but you are free to find a meeting that you would like to attend outside of Manhattan. Only attend OPEN MEETINGS. If you choose a location not listed in the Google doc, please email Stephanie Jala-Thorne, so she can verify that no more than 2 students will be attending that session.

Remember to verify all meetings by telephone on the day you plan to attend. Unexpected changes can be made to the AA meeting schedules, so calling NY Inter-Group at (212) 647-1680 ahead of time will provide you with any last-minute changes to the AA meetings.

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