Selective Descriptions

Dermatology, NYP, Harlem Hospital, HIP/Columbia Doctors
The student will function as part of a team in an outpatient clinic setting as mostly an observer. Students will have no primary responsibilities for patient care and will not be required to take calls. There may be opportunities for direct patient interaction via the initial history and physical exam. Students may also have an opportunity to perform minor procedures that is highly dependent on the student, assigned mentor, and location of the selective.

Emergency Medicine, Bassett/  NYP 
The emergency medicine rotation will provide experience for the physician-in-training to become more comfortable with emergency medicine and the decision process in referring patients.  By the end of the rotation, the physician-in-training will:
1. Gain an appreciation for the specialty of emergency medicine
2. Develop the ability to triage patients effectively in the emergency department.
3. Develop the ability to establish rapid rapport and communication with patients for acute care.
4. Develop proficient skills in suturing, interpreting radiographic studies and electrocardiograms, administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and performing other procedures necessary for emergency care.
5. Improve the ability to quickly gather the relevant history and physical finding in order to provide effective emergency assessment and management of the patient.
6. Learn to identify and consult members of the medical staff when appropriate to provide quality care for patients in an efficient manner.
7. Develop effective skills for communicating quickly and compassionately with family members.

Palliative Care, NYP
The goal of this course is to provide the students in the Major Clinical Year (MCY) with an introduction and comprehensive overview of the field of Palliative Medicine. The course will introduce students to the basic principles and practices of Palliative Medicine: opioid pharmacology, equianalgesic opioid conversions, evidence-based pain and symptom management, determining prognosis, conducting a goals of care conversation (e.g. discussing a DNR order), running a family meeting, ethical issues in end of life care, working within an interdisciplinary team, assessing patient and family coping, caring for the dying patient, and self-care. 

Radiation Oncology, NYP
The goal of this selective is to introduce medical students to the field of Radiation Oncology. During the one-week rotation within the Department of Radiation Oncology, the 3rd year medical student will be provided with an overview to the various aspects of radiation therapy. Radiation Oncology is an oncologic specialty, along with Surgery and Medical Oncology. Radiation Oncologists use ionizing radiation in the treatment of cancer.  Radiation therapy can be given as a curative modality (either alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy), or it can be used palliatively, to relieve symptoms.  Benign diseases may also be treated with radiation.  Radiation Oncologists work closely with other physicians as part of a multi-disciplinary cancer team. During this one-week course, medical students will participate (observation and hands-on where applicable) in patient evaluations (consultations, weekly on-treatment assessments, follow-ups), simulations, treatment planning process, treatment administration (linear accelerators, gamma knife, brachytherapy).  Selective students will participate in the clinical care unit, attend teaching conferences and research meetings held in the department, as well as inter-departmental tumor boards. Attendance at Physics and Radiobiology teaching sessions (held weekly for Radiation Oncology residents) is optional.

Radiology, NYP and Harlem Hospital
In addition to understanding pathology at the cellular or biological level, understanding the imaging presentation is quintessential to modern medicine. As such medical students should be introduced to this field prior to their clinical rotations. The selective will not only familiarize students with all the various career opportunities in radiology; it will also make them more comfortable with the more common imaging studies they will encounter in their clinical years. 

Rehabilitation Medicine, NYP
The field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) enhances and restores function to patients with disabilities.  This specialty treats patients with a wide variety of diseases and illnesses, with a focus on the whole patient to determine how best to treat their underlying condition and improve their quality of life. The goal of this selective is to provide medical students in the Major Clinical Year with an introduction and comprehensive overview to the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  During this one-week selective within the Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, medical students will have a unique opportunity to work with patients with a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders and learn skills necessary to improve and enhance their function.   Emphasis will be placed on working with the interdisciplinary team to focus on patient-centered care.  

**Self-Arranged 1 Week Selective**  
In some cases, students may have interest in a particular service or specialty not offered as a selective.  We welcome students to submit a proposal for a self-arranged 1 week selective should they have a particular interest. Please note, all proposals are subject to review by the Dean for Curricular Affairs and must be submitted no later than 6 weeks in advance.  For directions and criteria for a custom experience, please visit this page. 

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