Away Electives: I need a background check.

Before entry into medical school, P&S students complete a background check with the AAMC. P&S does not have access to the AAMC background checks, and therefore cannot verify the information in them. Please contact a service rep if you have any questions:

There are several services that students have used in the past, such as,, and the NYPD Headquarters, 1 Police Plaza NYC.

P&S Public Security does not offer background checks.

Columbia University Medical Center does not endorse any one background check, and there are many more options available online. Please use caution when submitting personal information to any website.

If the away elective application requires P&S to sign off that the background check was completed (in VSAS or otherwise), send a copy of the background check through a UserVoice ticket, or Suite 1103 (11th Floor) of the VEC building.


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