Primary Care Schedule

The Primary Care Clerkship holds a few set events, but each students day-to-day schedule will be determined by their site.  While start and end times vary, students should not expect weekend or night calls.

Orientation is held on the Friday before the start of your clerkship.  There are a few exceptions, mostly during M&P week, or around a holiday weekend.  Students are required to attend orientation and can expect to receive a packet which includes reporting instructions, clerkship expectations and assignments, shelf/PCORE exam details, and specifics and how you will be graded.

Shelf Exam/PCORE Exam is held on the last Friday of the clerkship.  The shelf exam takes place in the morning and you should be done with your exams by 12:00pm.

Students at local and commuter sites will have didactic sessions on campus.  Lectures are held on Thursday afternoons at Farrell, and some orthopedic or PMR sessions on weekday mornings.  Your individual schedules will reflect days on which you will be required to attend one of these sessions.

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